Jack Daniel’s Email Scam

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This past week some students may have received an email where the sender claimed to be Jack Daniel’s. Students were offered money every week if they had their cars wrapped in promotional Jack Daniel’s stickers. Students had to enter their financial information to receive money.

Public Safety notified career services about the scam. Career services was able to send out a mass email to students registered on career bridge and there was a post in Unotes warning students.

This is not the first time students here on campus received fraudulent emails. The University has a filter for their email server, a Barracuda Threat Prevention Device. Even with a filter in place, some email scams still pass by.

Students should be skeptical when they receive emails offering jobs or money in exchange for sensitive information. If you have fallen victim to an email scam be sure to report it immediately to Public Safety. To learn more about email scams you can talk with Career Services.