President Walter Harrison receives the Lifetime Achievement Award

Pres. Walter Harrison receives award. Pres. Walter Harrison receives award.

President Walter Harrison received not only the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hartford Business Journal, but he received the Alfred Fuller from the Hartt school as well for his inspiration and dedication for the performing arts. He received these awards within weeks of each other as he is recognized for what he’s done for the University of Hartford.

“We were founded by the Hartford community because they felt we needed the university 60 years ago and I always felt that that should be part of how we define ourselves so for me being recognized personally was flattering but what was really important for me was being recognized and I’m really proud of what the university does in Hartford,” President Walter Harrison looks back as he never expected to be in a position to be recognized.

His success leaves a great amount of fulfillment and as he loves what he does and he could not picture himself in a happier place. He also feels that this achievement is not only about him but about the university itself.

“I believe that the greatest fulfillment you can get in this life is to help make the world a better place for others,” President Harrison is grateful that the university is recognized even in a small way though him.