Hawks React to GSU Renovations

The GSU patio has been fenced off to students and the sounds of hammers and drills can be heard throughout GSU.
With the renovations going on, STN decided to ask the students for their thoughts on the new renovations.

Many are glad to see the patio being renovated as it was not very alluring and was not a popular place for students to spend their free time. Some students were somewhat surprised by the new renovation as the library is nearing the completion of its renovation.

Along with the patio, the commuter lounge in the lower level of GSU will be receiving changes swell. Some commuters welcome the change to the lounge as they are excited for more space and a new look.

One commuter voiced his concern with change to the commuter lounge saying that the change to the lounge will separate the commuters from the UCA office which is currently in the lounge.

In the end students welcome the renovations and are excited to see the new look for GSU by October 2017.

Students can find updates on the renovations by visiting UNotes