National Geographic’s Film Atlantis Rising

Atlantis Rising is a documentary with famous director James Cameron, as the executive director. The University Of Hartford has a reputation around the world for doing projects using subsurface imaging. This is how Professor Freund got the role in the documentary.

Freund said ten years ago, National Geographic came to him and said they were interested in working with a group of Spanish archeologists who thought they located a site for Atlantis. The University’s team of researches have traveled the world to Spain, Greece, Italy, and several other locations along the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean doing thirty projects involving geoscience.

Atlantis Rising took over a year to film but the actual documentary is two hours. It is available to watch online at National Geographic or on demand.

Also, check out University Of Hartford’s Archeology Quest. Go to Professor Freund in the Greenberg center in Auerbach for more information.