University of Hartford’s New Sports Trailer

ESPN 3 Trailer ESPN 3 Trailer

The University of Hartford sports center new sports trailer has arrived at gives the University of Hartford’s Sports Center the ability to to broadcast multi-camera games on ESPN 3. It will give students the opportunity to work on equipment they could see in the professional world.

The Sports center looking to not only attract communication majors but involve everybody from computer science to audio engineering that have a passion for working in broadcasting giving an opportunity to and not just in the truck, but also being the talent, and being the voice of broadcasts going foward.

The games are a fourteen man production that is planned to be seen in action for future sporting events starting with Lacrosse.

It allows the flexibility with being a mobile unit and also gives the opportunity to go to different off-campus sites such as Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball and more.

The partnership the university has with ESPN 3 gives exposure and the University of Hartford a national brand where people can tune in to ESPN 3 and see what the University of Hartford is all about from a student perspective.

“I think that it’s so huge to be able to get the hands on experience uh that you are going to need to succeed uh when you move on after graduation,” Matt Brady believes that the improvements in the technology is what the students need in their future careers.