Hartt Students Perform In Living Rooms.

Hartt School Students Hartt School Students

This event is developed by Dave McLellan, on the board, as an attempt to get concert goers out and about. He thought it would be a great idea to bring the concert to people in their own houses.

The students perform in houses of donors of the school, board of trustees, alumni, or anyone who has space to accommodate a performance. The location of the houses are in Connecticut, New York, or Massachusetts.

This is the second year this event is happening with last year starting in the guitar department. Krystal Ankerbrand, Master Student in Flute Performance, said this is the first year it is branched out into the instrumental studies division. Therefore, piano students can participate since they are contacting people with pianos already in their homes.

There is a lot to do to prepare for this event such as setting up and rehearsing. The location and date are set up weeks in advanced so the students know when they are performing. The actual event occurs in one day and can take anywhere between two to four hours.