HYPE Networking panel on Monday April 12th


On Monday April 17th there will be a HYPE panel at 6pm in the Gengras North Cafe. The panel will have recent alumni speak on their professional field and offer advice to current students. After the panel students will be able to network and mingle with the alumni.

The alumni come from different professional fields and are eager to assist students, a majority of students who already signed up for the event are seniors but all students are welcome to the panel as it is a great opportunity to network and make connections with people that currently work in tour interested field of work.

Current students, faculty and staff of the university can join HYPE for free, since the University of Hartford was one of the founders for HYPE.

Practice sessions for students were held on Monday April 10, Thursday April 13 and the last session taking place on Monday April 17th from 10am to 12pm at the library.

Students can register for the event on Career bridge and should email Kate Hohenthal fro any questions they may have on the upcoming event.