Better Mentoring, Better Teaching

katie thorner's dissertation katie thorner's dissertation

The topic of Katie Thorner’s dissertation defense is on teacher mentor programs for newly hired novice and newly hired veteran teachers.

“A teacher mentor program is a program for newly hired novice and veteran teachers joining the school faculty,” explained Thorner on her topic, “I work in private schools as opposed to public, who are not mandated by the state to have any formal teacher-mentor program yet I feel there needs to be one so that’s why I chose the topic.”

Thorner also said she personally has been in the position of the novice, the veteran and the mentor when talking about the teacher mentor program.

“It’s super beneficial for teachers at schools whether it’s public or private, secondary or elementary education. It really provides them a support system and to better understand the campus, the curriculum, to the department and ultimately meet the needs of the students,” said Thorner.

Following her dissertation defense the council discussed amongst themselves if rather or not Thorner’s defense stood, and after a bit of discussion they announced to her that she passed her dissertation.