Senior Week 2017

2017! 2017!

Senior Week is a last hurrah for the University of Hartford students that are coming to the end of their college career. Senior Week is offered to students who expect to graduate either May 2017, December 2017 or have graduated in December 2016.

“It’s so much fun! It’s really a good time,” said Julia Piri, the President of the Student Government Association.

This year’s senior week starts on Tuesday, May 16th, in the Gengras Student Union at 4 PM till 7 PM which is the steak and lobster dinner. The night begins with Hors d’oeuvre as Seniors mingle and then there will be a champagne toast as well as Walter Harrison giving a toast. There is also a vegetarian options for those like me and then we have a champagne toast and President Walter Harrison gives a toast to the Senior class.

And the rest of the week is going to compose of the Boston Trip on May 17th and the trip starts at 10:30 AM till 7 PM, where
students get free roam of Boston for the day to do whatever they want. On May 18th there will be a Bar Crawl throughout the local Hartford area which has been revamped for the year.

“There was a lot of different traffic issues going on between us and the downtown locals,” explained Piri, “A special thing that we did is that at the end of the bar crawl we end at black bear and the University of Hartford have their own VIP line to go in and they’re gonna have champagne for us and they’re gonna barricade a VIP section for us which should be really fun.”

And on the final day is a trip to Mohegan Sun at 6:30 until 1:30 AM. SGA also struck a deal with the bus company, which will provide a 25 dollar voucher for food and gambling and before 11 the club there has no cover so everyone can go into the bar/casino areas and have a good time.

A ticket for senior week is 45 dollars, which includes a bracelet for the week and a t-shirt, when purchased in advance. Tickets can be purchased on Hawk Hub and the last day to buy one is May 9th, which is the same day students can start picking up their tickets.