CETA’s Green 707 Vehicle

This run has been a long time coming for the CETA school. The Green 707 vehicle has been under development since Fall 2009 and has been a long eight year journey to this possible record breaking run.
The best run of the day was going 71 miles per hour for 18.1 seconds.

The drag racing organization is currently checking this speed and time against other runs in their division to check if a record was broken.

The vehicle has been doing very well, but a few flaws made themselves known on the track. The batteries being used gave out and did not have enough power to use the vehicle sufficiently. They are currently looking into getting Chevy Volt batteries to fix this issue.

The other flaw that reared its head was that the vehicle may have been too heavy. They are looking into ways to lower the weight to gain speed and distance.

The club is currently looking for large sponsors to help with the project. They recently painted the car to show the current sponsors of the car.

The Green 707 club meets every Friday evening at 4pm and also on Saturday morning at 30 Elizabeth Street in Hartford. Check out University of Hartford Green 707 on Facebook for more information.