Alternative Spring Break goes to Texas

Alternative Spring Break Community Service Bus Alternative Spring Break Community Service Bus

The Center for Community Service are heading to Houston, Texas to help with some hurricane relief after Hurricane Harvey. Harvey was a category 4 hurricane that hit this passed August.

They will be helping clean out all the flooding in houses impacted by the hurricane as well as getting them prepared to rebuild.

Over the summer, Harvey was one of the first of many hurricanes that hit this season. By that time, Community Service was already set to have our alternative spring break in Virginia to help that local community with animal shelters and soup kitchens but Director of community Service Matthew Blocker-Glynn was able to remove us from that trip and postpone it for a few years.

Community Service is working with Community Collaborations International, a pop up agency that works all around the country. They ensure that the students will be properly accommodated.

They work with that local community that to help and find locations that the breaks can stay so they will most likely be staying at one of the local schools or the auditoriums that’s off-line. Nothings happened to it but they would have accommodations for the students. Students are able to work in the local cafeterias and make our meals.

Students can submit their applications on the Community Service site by October 24th.