First Flight

The main focus of this event is to welcome the basketball teams back on the court after the off season. The men’s and women’s will be there getting ready for the upcoming season.

Joining the teams on First Flight will be UHA Steppers, Fenomena, Dance and Cheer UHarmony and various other clubs. UHA Steppers, Fenomena and Dance and Cheer will be performing a routine for those that come to the event and various clubs on campus will be competing in a tug of war competition.

Another thing to note is that this will be Gregory Woodward’s first Hawktober and “First Flight” and SGA promises to make it a good time for all involved.

The event begins at 8:30pm on Friday October 20th and the doors will open at 8pm. SGA tells students to show up early in order to receive the prizes they will be giving out.