University of Hartford student victim of alleged bullying

Chennel Rowe, a freshman attending the University of Hartford posted a Facebook live video on Tuesday after she found out that her roommate was trying to get her to move out.

Brianna Brochu was tampering her food and belongings while also posting about it on social media. Chennel discovered this while in the process of moving out of the room. The Residential Assistants on duty had followed her out and showed her one of the posts.

Once University of Hartford President Gregory Woodward found out he took it upon himself to handle the situation accordingly. Brochu is no longer a student of the university, according to emails from Woodward.

The university also reacted to the incident by holding rallies on Tuesday and Wednesday night. These rallies were named Justice for Jazzy.

On Wednesday night, the rally was held in GSU and President Woodward was in attendance along with members of the NAACP. Woodward shared a few words about the incident and ideas for change to come to the campus. He even took suggestions from students in attendance.

Woodward has also established a diversity committee with a few faculty and staff members to further prevent incidents such as what happened to Chennel.