Explosion at Port Authority Bus Terminal

On Monday December 11th around 7:25 am an explosion went off at the Port Authority bus terminal in New York. A man wearing a pipe bomb set off the explosion leaving 5 injured. The explosion was caused by a home made pipe bomb and happened in an underground walkway that connects two subway lines.

The pipe bomb only partially detonated. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said “He did detonate it, but it did not fully have the effect that he was hoping for.”

The suspect is 27 year old Akayed Ullah and according to official, has pledged allegiance to ISIS and acted alone in this attempted terrorist attack. Ullah lived in Brooklyn for 7 years and reportedly acted in response to Israeli actions in Gaza. Ullah was left injured from the pipe bomb and taken into custody by the authorities.

Two weeks prior to the attack an image was shared by ISIS sympathizers. The image had Santa Clause looking over a crowd in Times Square with a box of dynamite next to him. It had the caption “We meet at Christmas in New York … soon”. Similar images were shared that made threats to Europe.