Commons unveils a new pasta station

During the semester break Commons thought of something that would be more customizable and thought of a pasta station.

After the success of Tavalino in GSU, it became quite clear to have a new spin on the popular concept.

The Pasta Station is available on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2 to 4 and from 5:30 to close.

Customizable options a big thing for students with allergens, or intolerances, so someone might be intolerant to acid or tomatoes and would like to omit that. 

Students may find this option much easier to use as they can simply ask for dishes that supplement their pallet.

There are two different types of pasta. One is always going to be filled with tortellini or ravioli and the other is penne, elbow macaroni, or it’ll be your normal type of pasta dish. There are a bunch of different rotations of vegetables. There’s always two proteins so there’ll be chicken all the time and the other rotation is either pork, bacon, sausage and kielbasa.

It has only started this semester, but it would seem that it’s already gaining traction.

Just the first day that it was started about 100-400 students attended. The second day it ran on a Wednesday and had almost 600 people do it. And this week they’re getting close to 700 people per day utilizing the station. They are also changing the made to order stations so the sushi station is now doing it on Fridays.