University of Hartford celebrate its 61st birthday

Founder's Day 2018 Founder's Day 2018

On February 21st, the charter was signed and the University of Hartford was born.

Founder’s Day is an annual event running a two day campaign. In order to celebrate people become a part of a participatory Founder’s Day campaign. The university hopes to get 1,000 donors donating any amount over the coarse of two days. If they do, they’ll receive another $100,000 that’ll also be followed by people’s challenge campaign.

The purpose is to emphasize the celebration of the university’s birthday through the campaign and events. With the evolution of social media and the popularity of the challenge, Founder’s Day has increased its success in recent years.

The Founder’s Day challenge was done three years now and has taken hold. It is apparent that they get the right amount of donors and student’s participation.

Students can got to and type in “founder’s day” where there is a site that can give student’s the opportunity to give any amount. There are a couple of videos of Students talking about  the impact the university has had in their lives. There is even a whisper challenge and way students can learn more about why they should donate and more information on the university’s history.