Public Safety in Spring Fling 2018

University of Hartford Public Safety University of Hartford Public Safety

Every Public Safety officer is working twelve hour shifts to make sure there is enough coverage for the entire event. This procedure starts Thursday and ends on Sunday morning.

Public safety works with the Hartford police and contemporary services to ensure the event is safe and that everyone has fun.

The spring fling committee that starts in September is run by Torshia Anderson over in GSU. She runs it with Lisa Cote, and all students together make sure all the plans for all the events are down to the numbers. It’s a long procedure and they haul in operation plans and make sure their done right. Everybody takes responsibility for their part everybody has to know. This is an entire year process.

The last thing public safety wants is to be part of the events. 

“It’s a good learning experience for the students and we give suggestions all year. We don’t tell anybody what to do we work in a team effort to make sure everyone’s plan is correct and all the information needed in the plan is successful,” Lieutenant Christopher Lyons of Public Safety also believes that students will enjoy the variety of food trucks and music performers at the concert.

All students are encouraged to call a public safety officer in case of an emergency.