Foot in the Door Ensemble took place May 2nd

Foot in the Door Foot in the Door

This event consists of the top undergraduate and grad students from the Hartt School performing pieces from Donald Gratham, who was the guest composer. The Foot in the Door ensemble is specifically the contemporary ensemble which plays music of our time while other orchestras and ensembles play music as far back as Bach.

The music performed is difficult and demanding, which is why only the top Hartt School students perform since not everyone could play that difficulty of music. Edward Cumming, Co- Director of Foot in the Door, stated that there will two parts to the performance and the ensemble will perform fourteen pieces by Donald Gratham.

The first half consisted of a piece, Music for the Blanton, which was written for a music in Austin, Texas for eighteen different paintings. The second half consisted of music from the Woodwin Cortet.