Signs of Life Detected in Indonesia

Signs of life detected from under the rubble of a hotel after earthquake in Indonesia.

According to a French rescue team, there are many possible signs of life remaining from the earthquake under the rubble of a hotel in Indonesia’s Sulawesi island. The team had high tech sensors that can pick up signs of life, including breathing and heart

Signs of Life Detected in Indonesia
Rubble in Indonesia.


Nita Hamaale, 20 years old, believes her younger sister is buried beneath the hotel rubble but the French rescue team said they did not want to get her hopes up if the sister is not there. Philip Besson, a member of the French organization Pompiers de l’urgence, said the team only had a hand drill that was not strong enough to reach the victim as they were trapped underneath thick concrete.

The rescue team has had a shortage of heavy equipment since the earthquake happened, however this equipment is needed to rescue the victim. Besson said the team would bring heavy equipment on Friday, October 5th and try to rescue the person.

Besson states “We have to drill through the concrete to be able to verify and access the victim.”