Student Success Center Renovation

The Center for Student Success has been renovated and relocated.

On October 15th, the new Center for Student Success reopened after being completely renovated and moved to a different location. It has been relocated to GSU 230, which is more convenient for residential and commuter students to get to. 

One primary change made to the Center for Student Success is now all of the incoming first- year students will have a professional staff advisor. There is a host of first year advisors and assistant directors at the office and each of them have a small group of a first year class who will be their advisees. 

The common term that keeps coming up is ‘One Stop Shop’ and the staff wants to try to provide as many services as they could to students within one office. SASC has been moved to the Center for Student Success so it is easier for registration functions such as adding and dropping a class or having a hold on your account.  This is more helpful for our staff members to have education on curriculum and are able to determine if a student could drop that class or not. Faculty and staff are trying to create One Stop Shop as much as possible and push forward with getting more done in one visit for students.

The new Student Success Center was a huge change to the university and Mike Ormsby, Director of Center for Student Success, wants to thank the students for adjusting to this transition and President Woodward for pushing for this and making it all happen, Ormsby states “I think it’s really unique to see a President who understands that this is going to be valuable to students and be able to make it happen as quickly as he did.” 

The Student Success Center is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Any students who would like to make an appointment could go on the UHart website under ‘Center for Student Success’ and click on ‘Set Up an Appointment’. Walk- ins are also welcome.