Crime in L.A. Drops During Stay At Home Order

Los Angeles Crime drops 23% in the last month

The Californian stay at home order correlates with a drop in crime in Los Angeles. LAPD Assistant Chief Robert Acros states that with fewer people venturing out of their homes to shop and visit bars or restaurants they are at less of a risk of being a victim of a crime.

The biggest drops in crime are seen in homicide, robbery, and theft. All at a more than 15% decrease compared to the same period of time last year. Traffic collisions and DUI-related collisions have also decreased according to LAPD Chief Michel Moore. On the other hand, there was still a 2% increase in rape and a 10% increase in vehicle theft.

While Los Angeles has seen an 11% drop in family violence crime, this might be because victims may now be living in close quarters with their abusers with very little chances to reach out for help.

Since crime statistics are compiled by arrest records, the drop in crime might also be due to officers being hesitant to come into close contact with suspects. Criminology professor Peter Moskos said, “Cops are worried about catching the bug and bringing it back home. They are trying to practice social distancing as much as everyone else.”

As of now, 15 LAPD officers have tested positive for COVID-19.