MLB Relignment for 2020

The MLB is working to plan a way for the season to happen amid coronavirus

The MLB is currently looking to get the 2020 season underway as soon as possible while the coronavirus is still affecting the league. The methods for how the league can proceed arrange from playing lesser games, to playing in different locations. One of the more popular proposals that has been sought out include having the teams all play in Florida and Arizona under divisions that will be divided by proximity of each of the team’s ballparks that are used for spring training. This would eliminate the regular divisions that are played every year, including the AL and NL east divisions.

This proposal has been met with mixed reactions, with some interested in seeing how the league will do without the normal divisions for one year, while others are uncomfortable with the idea of changing up the traditional way games are played. If this proposal is accepted, baseball will be looking a lot different this year, and not just because of the amount of games that will be played, but baseball could be back before we know it.