Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulos Catches COVID-19

ABC's anchor talks about his experience with the virus

George Stephanopoulos, anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America, has recently been diagnosed with COVID-19. Both he and his wife, actress Ali Wentworth, have tested positive to the virus, but he states that, “She was in bed for a couple of weeks. I’ve never had a fever, never had a cough, never had a shortness of breath, never had chills.” 

The discrepancy in symptoms experienced between the couple highlights one of the most dangerous properties of the virus, asymptomatic carriers. An asymptomatic carrier is someone who carries the virus, yet experiences no symptoms. The director of the Center of Disease control (CDC), Robert Redfield, has stated that roughly 25 percent of people infected are asymptomatic. Many have argued that this extremely high level of asymptomatic carriers has been a major contributor to the swift spread of the virus.

Stephanopoulos has began anchoring Good Morning America from his living room stating, “My biggest concern is the dog going nuts and seeing a squirrel in the backyard.”