Rick Monday Becomes a Hero

April 25th 1976

On this day, April 25th 1976, Rick Monday became a hero. It was a normal early season game between the Dodgers and the Cubs. One that was meaningless for most, but because of what happened in the 4th inning it will be remembered forever. It is not uncommon for players to have to deal with people running on the field or streakers during the game, especially for outfielders. Monday usually didn’t pay attention to it like most outfielders and let the security staff do the work but this time the field runner was holding something important to him.

The American Flag, 1976 was a bicentennial year and it was not uncommon to see the flag but when the fan laid it out and lit a match he knew something was going on. Rick Monday served in the Marine Corps for 6 years and he bled the Red, White, and Blue. Monday did not hesitate and he ran into action making a great play by grabbing the flag before the fans had the chance to burn it. When asked about it Monday responded with “I did not want them to be able to desecrate an American flag that some of my buddies lost their lives for, representing the rights and freedoms that you and I enjoy. 44 years later Rick Monday is still applauded for his actions on that day.