JetBlue Will Fly with Face Masks

JetBlue will start requiring passengers to wear face masks or a face covering when traveling.

A new JetBlue policy will require all passengers to cover their faces when traveling. This policy will go into effect starting May 4. This policy is a response to the Centers of Disease Control’s guidelines for staying safe when maintaining social distancing is difficult.

Although the air in the cabin is cleaned and circulated every few minutes through filters, face masks are required to ensure safety. Additionally, JetBlue is asking customers to wear face masks in the airport. This policy applies to all passengers with the exception of small children.

JetBlue is the first U.S. airline to require this policy. Other airlines, such as American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, are requiring employees to wear face masks and provide customers with face masks. JetBlue had already been requiring employees to wear face-coverings beforehand to slow the spread of coronavirus.

JetBlue has taken additional steps in slowing the spread by lowering the availability of seats on flights to ensure that passengers and workers can social distance.