Roy Horn Tests Positive for COVID-19

One half of Siegfried & Roy is out of commission.

It seems that even the most iconic illusionists aren’t able to escape the wrath of COVID-19. Roy Horn, a 75 year multifaceted performer and Las Vegas Strip staple, has been confirmed with the virus and is reportedly responding well to treatment.

Horn’s publicist has reaffirmed that he “can confirm that Roy Horn has tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19 and is currently responding well to treatment,” and then later went on to say that “most importantly, Siegfried & Roy send positive wishes to everyone impacted by the pandemic. We will have no further comment on Roy’s recovery at this time and ask everyone to respect his right to privacy.”

The second part of the German duo is no stranger to hardship, after a highly publicized incident that eventually ended their 13 year run at The Mirage Casino. One of Horn’s white bengal tigers, Montecore, violently attacked the performer and dragged him off stage by his neck, leading to the suspension of their show in 2003.

While Horn reportedly recovered by 2005, the lasting impact of the attack was trouble speaking and walking. At this time, it is unknown as to whether or not this will act as a complication with COVID-19.