5-Year-Old Boy Attempts To Drive To California To Purchase New Lamborghini

The boy was able to drive from his house to the highway under the nose of his family.

A less than high speed pursuit occurred earlier this week on Interstate 15 in Utah as a trooper pulled over an SUV that was weaving back and forth at about 30 mph. What officer Rick Morgan originally thought was a drunk driver turned out to be a 5-year-old boy. Morgan’s first reaction was, “Wow… Where did you learn to drive a car?”

Dashcam snapshot of Officer Rick Morgan pulling over the boy on the highway

The boy, whose name has not been released, made it about 2-3 miles from his house. With just $3 to his name, his goal was to drive to California and purchase a new Lamborghini. According to various reports, his parents were working at the time and his 16-year-old sister was in charge of babysitting him. The timeline of the events is still not certain, but somehow the 5-year-old managed to take the keys and drive away without alerting any of the family members, as well as merge onto the freeway in the right direction towards California. 

The parents of the boy will not be facing charges at this time, with district attorney Christopher F. Allred of Weber County, Utah, stating that, “There was no evidence of any kind of neglect or inappropriate action on the part of the parents here.” Unfortunately for the boy, he will not be able to take his learners permit test for another decade as the age requirement in Utah is 15 years old.