Uhart Health Services Address Flu Season Concerns During Pandemic

On-campus health offical provides resources for upcoming flu season

Earlier this week, I spoke with the Health Services Family Practice Doctor, Demetra Eleftheriou, about how to tell the difference between COVID-19 and Flu symptoms . We discussed how the UHart community should respond to the combination of these two viruses.

This chart comparing the symptoms of each virus was released on Instagram

“The symptoms are pretty similar so that’s why it’s hard to tell the difference between the flu and COVID-19, especially now that we’re heading into flu season,” said Doctor Eleftheriou. “One sure way to differentiate between them is to actually get a flu test.”

COVID-19 and the flu are both contagious respiratory viruses that share very alike symptoms such as: fever, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, muscle pain, and chills. But, unlike the flu, COVID-19 has yet to find a vaccine.

“If you’re having symptoms that look like it might be the flu, it’s good to get the test to kinda make sure” said Doctor Eleftheriou. By taking a look at the symptoms of both viruses, it seems like the only way possible to determine an accurate diagnosis of either infection is to get tested for both.

Not only is Health Services providing free COVID-19 tests on campus, but is now offering free flu shots and tests as well.

According to Doctor Eleftheriou, Health Services also conducts both virtual and in-person visits. “You can call and we can talk to you, either virtually or in-person, and find out what kind of symptoms you have and we can set up testing for you here at Health Services.”

The best tips for staying flu and COVID-19 free is to continue to follow COVID rules and regulations such as practicing social distancing, regularly washing and sanitizing hands, avoiding touching your face and not going to class if you are feeling sick. If you are experiencing any symptoms, look into testing for both viruses as to ensure your own health and the health of the UHart Community.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact Health Services at 860.768.6601