String of Car Thefts Prompts School-wide Alert

The remains of one student's vehicle The remains of one student's vehicle

Throughout the entire fall, STN reported on the importance of keeping yourself and your car safe. Car thieves hit universities all over the state and now, they have hit the University of Hartford. A string of car thefts took place around the week of March 6th, prompting public safety to issue an alert to the student body.

“All our officers have been notified on all three shifts to give extra attention to the parking lots as you know we have some areas that are covered by surveillance but not all the areas.” says Mike Cerepusczko, Associate Director of Public Safety.

The thieves are targeting Honda and Acura brand cars.

In addition to stepped up security measures, Public Safety is asking students to be extra vigilant when in the parking lots and to report any suspicious activity immediately to x.7777.