Ceramics Holdaiy Sale

The holidays are coming up, and gifts are a must if your looking for a creative gifts that your friends and family will enjoy at reasonable prices, the clay club hosted a ceramics holiday sale from the week of December 4 through 10. Art works featured in the sale were shot glasses, plates. tea pots and sculptures prices ranging from prices from five dollars for smaller items and one hundred dollars for the larger items. Art produced in the sale was crafted by member of the clay cub, and faculty.

Clay club Treasurer Noelia Bonilla explained to STN he purpose of the holiday sale. “The holiday sale basically raising money for the ceramics conference and this year it’s hosted in Philadelphia. Students get 70 percent of what we make and 60 percent goes in to the Clay club account.”

If you missed the holiday sale don’t worry there will be another sale hosted in May. Interested in joining Clay club all students are welcomed, even non-art majors. For more information or want to join the Clay club contact