Aramark responds to student complaints about the Hawks Nest

After a new policy mandating that students not be able to modify there sandwiches and wraps at Hawks Nest STN sat down with Manager Nick Testa to get some answers.

Testa says that the Hawks Nest serves about 700 students every night in just a five hour time frame, and that the policy was put into place to keep lines moving. Testa also says some students were cheating the meal plan system by ordering a Chicken Parmesan Sandwich with no cheese sauce or bread to get Chicken Tenders.

Students with food allergies may still have there food modified simply by telling the cashier, although Tomatoes have been taken off of all sandwiches except for burgers and are available on the side by request. A new vegetarian, and gold fever chicken wrap were added as meal equivalencies as Testa pointed out that the gold sauce is a very popular item at the establishment.

Testa also says he understands frustrations from students who feel the mandatory meal plan is an unfair advantage for Aramark, but says ” over a sixteen week period I think it comes out to about the same” when referring to spending money on groceries as opposed to buying a meal plan.