Walter Harrison’s State of the University Address

As the Nation was facing their economic struggles, the University was dealing with their own problems; cutting ten employees and 5.2 million dollars out of the budget. But with encouraging signs in the national economy, faculty and staff salary are also beginning to make a positive turn. Walter Harrison explains, “I was happy to report to them this year that we are going to have two percent raise pool and we believe we can do that now because we’ve stabilized the budget and because there are signs now that the economy is turning around and getting better.” Along with the economy continuing to recover, applications and enrollment of graduate and undergraduate students are showing encouraging signs. “There were a downturn in applications, a slight one but still the first time after ten years of being more every year, we had sort of a plateau. Now it’s starting to turn up again, so I am seeing that as a really positive indication,” Harrison continues. President Harrison also believes that renovations to older facilities to make them more energy efficient is a part of stepping in the right direction. He goes on to say, “More energy efficient, the more we can save on our energy consumption, which is much better for the environment and oh by the way, would help to keep tuition down.” Although Harrison is optimistic he is also cautious in his planning and believes the campus is in for a long-term recovery.

Article By: Hayden Harrower