Fraudulent Email Alert

An alert was sent to students on Tuesday afternoon warning about fake job offers being sent to students. The alert reads as follows…

In recent weeks a number of students have received emails offering on-campus
employment. The wording of “on campus job” is usually on the subject line of these
emails, although they are not from a “” account.

These emails often promise that an initial check will be delivered to the student as
an advance payment for “processing orders” for a company. The student is then asked
to provide personal information in a return email in order to receive the funds.
Such solicitations are an attempt at identity fraud aimed at obtaining access to
student bank accounts.

No department on campus would ever ask you for personal information in an email, nor
would it send a check to you prior to commencement of employment. We request that
such attempts at “phishing” be ignored and that you prevent any personal or financial
information from falling into the hands of those who would misuse it.