Housing Selection or Lack Their Of…

Res Life held their annual Room Selection process last weekend. And after the day was done, 70 students were left without housing on campus. But Res Life ensures that all students who attended room selection are guaranteed housing. With students routinely removing themselves from housing over the summer, those who have not received a room yet will have one in the coming months. Res Life is also committed in helping all other students with their housing troubles as well.

“The most important thing is to not freak out. It’s to know you have options. So if you don’t like where your living, request a room change, we’ll work with you. We will do the best that we can, I can’t guarantee that you will be 100 percent happy, but I can guarantee you that we will work with you. And to the make the best of whatever situation your in, it might not seem like your ideal location on campus but If your with your friend you can make that fun,” explains Assistant Director for Assignments and Billing, Susan Ward.

After all students have received their housing, Res Life will begin working with students who have already requested a room change, starting at the end of this school year.