SGA election results bring new faces, ideas

Spencer Allan Brooks Spencer Allan Brooks

The new Student Government Association executive board was elected last week, led by new president Ben Accardo.

After the polls closed on April 13, the executive board was elected for the 2011-12 school year. Only two of the six positions were re-elected to the same person. One of the re-elected, Max Accardo, holds the position of Executive Vice President and with a year under his belt in the same position, Max is looking to improve a lot of areas of the job.

“I also think that now that I think I can do my position more efficiently, I can also be more concered about student concerns and do more with my positions other than the basic responsibilities. Because there is a lot of time involved with the position, the more efficiently you spend your time the more you can actually worry about students problems.” said Accardo.

Another board member, Jessica Powers, was the other member re-elected to the E-Board, at the position of finance vice president. A position she feels she was made for.

“I ran unopposed two years in a row. I think that I am so used to it, if I ran for another position I would be doing this anyway, so I think it just fits with me” explained Powers.
Two freshman were elected to the executive board.

One of which, Anna Audycki, who is taking over the role as Vice President of Student Affairs, has some ideas of her own for the upcoming school year.
“I really want to help the quality of student life outstide of the classroom. And I feel like one thing I want to work on is school spirit and I feel like this would be a good opportunity to make those changes.” explains Audycki.

With a new executive board and new president, SGA will have to use their fresh ideas to improve student life around campus.