NFL Power Rankings (Week 3)

1) SAN FRANSISCO (2-0, up 4)- The 49ers haven’t shown any weakness. I would be scared to play them, so should you.

2) ATLANTA (2-0, up 7)- While the offense is talked about constantly it was the defense that beat Denver last week.

3) BALTIMORE (1-1, up 1)- Joe Flacco can’t do all the work, hand the ball to Ray Rice!

4) GREEN BAY (1-1, down 3)- The Packers have 3 easy weeks ahead of them, lets forget about that week 1 loss.

5) PHILADELPHIA (2-0, up 1)- The dream team is showing up one year late to the party.

6) HOUSTON (2-0, up 1)- I want to see them beat a contender before I put them in the top 5, Denver is the perfect team to prove it against.

7) NEW ENGLAND (1-1, down 6)- If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard someone say, “This is the beginning of the end for the Pats”.

8) SAN DIEGO (2-0, up 6)- The Falcons won’t be easy but after that its smooth sailing for 2 weeks.

9) PITTSBURGH (1-1, down 1)- Oakland should be a cakewalk for Big Ben and Co.

10) NEW YORK (1-1, down 7)- If G-Men barely got past the Bucs CAMolina won’t be easy.

11) DENVER (1-1, up 2)- Maybe Peyton isn’t 100%, Houston, New England, and San Diego will take advantage.

12) DETROIT (1-1, even)- Losing to San Fran is understandable but barely beating the Rams? Which Detroit will show up vs. the Titans this week?

13) CHICAGO (1-1, down 2)- Just waiting for the Bears to give up on Jay Cutler.

14) ARIZONA (2-0, up 10)- The last time Arizona went 2-0 they went to the superbowl…just remember Skelton + Kolb does not equal Kurt Warner.

15) DALLAS (1-1, even)- If this week proved anything it was that the Cowboys are certainly not back.

16) CINCINNATI (1-1, even)- While the Bengals have a good team there defense cant seem to hold up to the elite squads.

17) SEATTLE (1-1, up 4)- All I can say is wow!

18) NEW YORK (1-1, down 1)- All I’m going to say is the Jets are going to be up and down until the bye week.

19) WASHINGTON (1-1, up 7)- RG3 is the going to take the Redskins places.

20) CAROLINA (1-1, up 3)- Cam Newton is this team no doubt.

21) TAMPA BAY (1-1, up 1)- Cheap shot by the defense that’s embarrassing.

22) BUFFALO (1-1, down 2)- Spiller > Jackson.

23) NEW ORLEANS (0-2, down 13)- It cant get any worse for the Saints can it?

24) ST. LOUIS (1-1, up 5)- The Rams look competitive but something tells me it won’t last.

25) TENNESSEE- (0-2, down 6)- Things are starting to look grim for the Titans.

26) MIAMI (1-1, up 1)- The Jets are looking to walk all over the Phins this weeks.

27) INDIANAPOLIS (1-1, up 3)- A rough schedule is going to make many question Luck.

28) OAKLAND (0-2, down 3)- I’m expecting the Raiders to start 0-5.

29) MINNESOTA (1-1, up 2)- The rebuilding is going slightly better than expected.

30) KANSAS CITY (0-2, down 12)- Huge drop for KC the Chiefs aren’t going far.

31) JACKSONVILLE (0-2, down 4)- Who really expected them to beat the Texans?

32) CLEVELAND (0-2, even)- I have to admit Cleveland hasn’t looked bad but they have a tough schedule.