Rooted in the legacy of the Hartford College for Women, the Women’s Education and Leadership Fund is designed to support Hartford women. “WELFund is an organization on campus that is dedicated to enhancing women’s education and empowering women to lead and enriching the greater University community,” says director Amy Jaffe-Barzach.

WELFund also gives out grants for research projects every April to students, faculty and staff. Each grant is between $2,000 and $10,000.

“The grants are awarded to female students, and it can be either male or female faculty or staff if they will be involving female students in their research or their project,” says Barzach.

WELFund also has a program called WELCorps, where young women learn leadership skills like the importance of networking. While the WELCorps program is selective, Jaffe-Barzach encourages other women to join in one of their public events – like their lunches in Gengras on the third Thursday of each month.

Freshman Alondra Torres says the WELCorps program is very beneficial. “I just feel like I learned so much in it and I never feel like I’m left out and like…I don’t think anyone feels left out, we always have activities and no one feels like the little man or anything.”

Program director Alexandra Coury encourages the community to connect with the WELFund on social media. “We have a variety of events that go on on campus, both for the WELCorps program and students in general, and if they’re interested in learning more about them they can follow us on Facebook which is WELFund or they can follow us on Twitter at @WELFund.”

To apply for a WELFund grant, you can visit them at hartford.edu/welfund.