The Walter Harrison Leadership Academy

WHLA Academy WHLA Academy

The Walter Harrison Leadership Academy are a series of leadership seminars held throughout every semester. The director of this year’s seminars is Nicholas Oliver. Each seminar has a unique topic meant to teach students how to be both leaders and the skills needed for their future and skills.

“These series of leadership seminars have a great impact on the University of Hartford community because they fill in holes people might have,” said Oliver when asked why students should attend, “Maybe it’s speaking to people or getting people to work well together, they can fill these little gaps by obtaining the speakers knowledge.”

The first speaker of this semester was Howard C. Fero, a professor who’s on the board of directors for student achievement.
“He wrote a book about leadership and in the book he compares leadership to baseball which kind of makes it easier to understand for a lot of people,” says Oliver.

The second seminar was on March 5th, with speaker Donovan Tracey, an alum of the University whose is pursuing his doctorate in education. His topic for the seminar was on resume building and how to be interview ready; and Oliver’s plans for the final seminar of the semester is to have Senator Richard Blumenthal come to campus. The next and final seminar is planned for April 23rd in Wilde Auditorium.