Women of UHart Celebrated

The Women’s Advancement LEAD Program is a program that accepts 25 female students of all different grades and majors. These students, then, participate in leadership activities ranging from leading a team to negotiating salaries and even making a five year plan for after graduation. These leadership building activities help these students get prepared for the real world. The Program, additionally, plans programs and events for all students to attend no matter if they are male or female.

The Associate Director of the Women’s Advancement Initiative Alex Coury had this idea for a video where she wanted to showcase all of the great things that the women on campus are doing here.

She wants them to realize that everyday they are making history here at the University of Hartford and don’t have to be someone big to make history.

Two students from the Women’s Advancement LEAD Program, Madeline Weed and Cindy Lau, offered to created the video for Coury and have been working on it since January with it now up on Youtube for people to view.

Coury just wants students to realize that Women’s History Month doesn’t end in March and students should support each other and try to push each other forward. She says that in the LEAD program they say that just because you are helping someone else succeed, you are not holding yourself back.

The video titled “Women are Making History at the University of Hartford” is available for people to see on Youtube under the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCs1p0pE_0w.