NJ, NY Bombing Incidents

Map of Bombings Map of Bombings

On September 17th, an explosion occurred at 23rd Street and 6th Avenue on Manhattan’s west side. The blast came from an explosive device planted near a dumpster. Afterwards, a suspicious pressure cooker with dark-colored wiring, was found four blocks away on West 27th street, according to law enforcement officials.

There were 29 injured in New York, but none were critical and there were no causalities. A similar incident occurred earlier that same day in New Jersey near a Marine Corps charity race route. The explosion had no casualties and no injuries were reported. Apparently, both devices used cell phones as timers.

Early Monday morning a backpack containing five explosive devices was found near an Elizabeth, New Jersey transit station by two homeless men. Bomb squad had found that one exploded, but there were no causalities.

Ahmad Khan Rahami is the man responsible. He was discovered sleeping in the Merdles Tavern bar doorway in Elizabeth where he pulled out a handgun and started firing at the officers.

He was apprehended after being shot in the leg by an officer. According to FBI Special Agent Sweeney Jr., Rahami is “directly linked” to the devices from New York and from Saturday’s explosion in New Jersey.

Based on surveillance footage, there is a possibility that Ahmad had accomplices. He was seen with two other men that may be involved, but the FBI is sure that they have their main suspect.