UCA Privilege Walk

On Tuesday February 9, The Undergraduate Commuters Association hosted what they call the privilege walk where students got into deep discussions about privilege in America while participating in an interactive walk in GSU.

The walk included in depth discussions on the idea of privilege revolving around race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and how much privilege people have in the country. The discussions were lead by memebers of the Undergraduate Commuters Association (UCA), such as, President Patrice Pinnock, and Associate Dean Ashley Doane of Hillyer.

“Just the fact that it gives students their own voice,” UCA Graduate Adviser Michael Daley explained. “Not often times are students asked on campus ya know to tell their experience or their story especially around touchy issues such as this. So I think just allowing students just the platform to share their experience and to be their own author should get students really involved.”

The purpose was to get many people together in order to feel comfortable with who they are and the lifestyles that they have come from and have experienced.

This is one of many events that the UCA have planned for the month surrounding this issue and with the right feedback they will be able to do it again next year.