Ellie Krug visits Uhart

Ellie Krug Ellie Krug

Ellie Krug is a former lawyer, activist and speaker. On Wednesday September 28 she visited campus to give her talk, “Gleaning Authenticity from a Moment of Truth,” where she speaks about her personal life and the lessons she learned.

Ellie has been traveling around the country visiting businesses and schools where she would speak about gender identity, LGBTQ issues and educating people on the trans community.

“We are all survivors of the human condition”, Ellie Krug hopes that with her talks she can help people understand each other no matter how different they may be from each other. Ellie has her C project, which stands for Courageous Conversation about Diversity/Inclusion in the Greater Midwest. The mission of C project is to promote acceptance of diverse humans.

To learn more about the C project and Ellie Krug please visit https://elliekrug.com/