Trip to Luxor, Egypt

This project gives students the opportunity to explore regions in Luxor, Egypt and see archeology in an Egyptian context. Coleen Darnell, Adjunct Professor of Art History, began this project with another university in 2008 to explore the provincial region in the Southern part of Egypt.

Last time they went to Egypt they located a site from the late Roman era between 400 and 600 C.E. it was the Roman Byzantine site in the Eastern Desert. They will also be focusing on this site again this year but hopefully locating a new site.

Throughout this two and a half to three week trip, students will be processing remains, learning how to draw pottery, how to photograph objects, and conducting analysis of the excavations process. It will be a great experience and a very safe trip.

If you are interested in joining this expedition you can apply through the Greenberg Center about nine months before the actual trip.