Australia Wildfires

Over two dozen people and half a billion animals killed in the Australia wildfires.

The Australia wildfires have continued to wreak many homes and buildings within 12 million acres of land. More than two dozen people and over half a billion animals have been killed due to the fires caused by drought and the country having the hottest and driest year on record since September 2019. Last week, the first hints of the financial toll from the disaster began and the Insurance Council of Australia claimed the estimated damage bill had doubled within days, reaching 700 million Australian dollars. The government had an extra 2 billion Australian dollars go  towards the recovery as well as tens of millions of dollars that have already been committed.

Along with the government, many organizations and celebrities are working to help the victims of the fires and the animals affected. There has been a lot of support from many celebrities donating to organizations. Singer Pink, has donated $500,000 in addition to Keith Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman also donating $500,000. Celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix, Ellen DeGeneres, and Patricia Arquette spoke at the 2020 Golden Globes awards that took place on Sunday January 5th, sent their condolences to the victims and encouraged everyone to donate and show their support for Australia.

Donations could be sent to these following organizations: