Auerbach Hall Renovations

A preview of the new exterior. A preview of the new exterior.

The renovations at Auerbach Hall will be bringing new space and a fresh look, which will benefit the Barney School of Business. Associate Dean Patricia Jaeger provided details on the new student centers. “One will be the trading room and an analytics lab for our business analytics courses, one is for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and the other room will be dedicated to our students career and professional development.”

These new student facilities will be providing students hands on experience they can use in their careers after college. The funds for the renovations came from the surrounding Hartford are and were collected by the former dean of the Barney school, Martin Roth. The renovations will not be affecting tuition here at the university.

At the moment students will have to enter Auerbach Hall through the side entrances as the front is currently being worked on. Students will be updated as the renovations near completion, which is estimated to be in the summer of 2019. Patricia is confident that this small inconvenience will be worth it as the students will be greatly awarded.

If anyone has concerns regarding the renovations they are to reach out to Patricia, as she serves on the committee in charge of the renovations. She will make sure that any concerns are hear an considered. You can email her or you can find her in Auerbach Hall room 306B.