There’s a New Starter in Town

What the Bears Should Expect Handing the Starting Job to Nick Foles

Chicago Bears fans may or may not rejoice over this, but the Mitchell Trubisky era seems to be over. The former 2nd overall pick was pulled during Sunday’s game against Atlanta after trailing the Falcons 26-10 in the second half. Who would replace Trubisky during the game?

It wasn’t Chase Daniel since he’s no longer on the team and it wasn’t Tyler Bray who I don’t even think suited up. Instead it was the man himself, former Super Bowl MVP who is the only quarterback to defeat Brady in the Super Bowl besides Eli, Nick Foles.

It was only right that Foles would lead the Bears to victory that game too. It didn’t take long for Matt Nagy to name him the starter going forward. Of course Bears fans including myself wanted to see the Mitch experiment workout. I know that I’m glad Nagy gave Trubisky one last shot to prove that he can be the player the Bears hoped he would be. Unfortunately, it didn’t workout that way. It is what it is.

However, the Bears now have a quarterback that will give you consistent play week to week. Listen, Foles is bound to have bad games, every quarterback in the league does. But Nagy can finally run his offense now that he has a quarterback who is able to read and understand defenses.

I am not writing this to hate on Trubisky because I really like him and want him to succeed. With that being said, I am trying to make Bears fans aware of the impact Nick Foles will have on this offense and team in general. Even if this is the end for Mitch, it may just be the beginning for good ole “Saint Nick.”