Tom Brady’s Done…or Is He?

There were reports that the Hall of Famer called it quits, but further reports proved that may not be true

For the first time in his career, Tom Brady announced that he would take time to evaluate his future in the NFL. He stated that family would play a big role in his decision since his kids are getting older and it pains his wife, Gisele Bündchen to see him get hit.

Some people were questioning why he would go out like this after losing in the Divisional Round to the Rams at home. Wouldn’t he want to go out on top like Peyton Manning did? Maybe an early playoff exit is what he needed to truly dive deep into his decision.

Earlier today, ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Jeff Darlington reported that Brady did in fact decide to retire after 22 years. Every reporter and news source followed by posting this developing story. It was all over social media, I mean why wouldn’t it? The greatest quarterback of all time just announced his retirement from the game. And while myself and others were a bit shocked this announcement came so soon, why wouldn’t we trust it. Adam Schefter was the first to break the news, Schefter never misses.

Well nobody’s perfect and it seems like Schefter might’ve swung and missed on this one. After the dust started to settle, it came out that Brady contacted the Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht and told him he hadn’t come to a final decision yet. Once that came out, people were questioning which report was true.

Then more and more was released about his decision. If we can believe in any source, I would say Tom Brady Sr. who is Brady’s father is the one. According to Mike Giardi, Brady Sr. said that “Tommy has not made a final decision one way or the other and anybody else that says he has is absolutely wrong.” 

So where did Schefter get that information from? Who knows, but I do know this, the Tom Brady saga is not over just yet. In fact, it may just be beginning. Remember this is Tom Brady we’re talking about. When you think you have him figured out, he finds a way to surprise everyone.