Spring Football Once Again?

The USFL is making a comeback this Spring

The United States Football League (USFL) is making a comeback which may be surprising to some. The USFL is attempting to enter spring football, which is known as the “dead zone.” Numerous leagues have started seasons in the spring but unfortunately weren’t able to finish them. Will the USFL be another league cut short? Or will it succeed? 

We will get to see the return of the United States Football League on April 16th. With the recent track record of spring leagues, is there any optimism for the fans? 

Fans should be extremely optimistic about the USFL who had good impressions on the AAF and XFL even though both ended abruptly. Despite this, the USFL should be in good hands, being controlled by FOX Sports. NBC will also be broadcasting games along with FOX, having two of the biggest media companies cover their games. 

 To start things off, the USFL held their draft this past week. It was certainly a unique way of doing things. Unlike the NFL who has seven rounds for their draft, the USFL used a total of 12 rounds to draft players to each team throughout the league. They went position by position; with quarterbacks being drafted in the 1st round. Then followed up with defensive ends and edge rushers in rounds two through four, offensive lineman in rounds five through seven, defensive backs in rounds eight through eleven, and to finish things off, in round 12 they selected quarterbacks again.  

It is an interesting way of drafting players in my opinion. However, this method should ensure that each team has a fair chance to succeed to start the season. Let’s just hope for some good quality football and sustained long-term success for the USFL.