Go-Kart Fun

Courtesy: willydsindoorkartracing.com Courtesy: willydsindoorkartracing.com

If you’ve been buckling down on homework this week, buckling up might be just what you need to put it all behind you.

Willy D. put his heart and soul into providing a distinctive destination for a unique go-kart experience.

Co-Owner, Bill Doucette, said, “It was a dream of doing this and fortunately the dream came true with the partners.”

Brian Cooke, co-owner, said, “It’s different. It’s a different night out for people.”

The co-owners agree that safety comes first in such a fast-paced, exciting environment. The carts have a 4-point harness system, much like a real racing car. The track is also reinforced with tire barriers, just in case of an accident.

On the weekends, Willy D’s does something called “Black Magic” karting where they turn off the bright lights and turn up the neon ones.

For more information, visit: http://www.willydsindoorkartracing.com/

25 North Plains Highway | Wallingford, CT | 1-866-WILLYDS