The Terry Road Action Committee

photo courtesy Google Maps

If youre one of the many students that has a car on campus, or a commuter, you may have received a message from a local neigborhood this past weekend. Stn reporter spencer allan brooks has more.
The Terry Road action committee, or TRAC, is made up of the residents on Terry Road who want to send a message to violators of the law. The purpose of the organization is to address a traffic problem they’ve had on Terry road for a number of years.
Terry road connects Albany Avenue and Asylum Avenue and is found between Prospect and Scarborough. It is a highly used route for those commuting to school and work.

John Fairbanks is one of the leaders of TRAC. “We’ve noticed over the years that some of the worst speeders are from the university of hartford
And they use this road as a cut through, they pay no attention to the stop signs and we have small children here many of whom are toddlers, and we’re worried about their safety, and we decided this time to get more proactive” says Fairbanks.

One of the steps taken by TRAC was the installment of speed sensitive security cameras, which are triggered to tape when vehicles when are moving more than twenty five miles an hour.

Fairbanks says, “We’re working in conjunction with the Hartford police department, they have a liaison officer, we’ve talked about the situation here on numerous occasions specifically with the traffic division and what we’re trying to do is put an end to habitual speeding on terry road.
Really we’re thrilled to have the university here and really all we’re asking is that the University of Hartford students be good neighbors.”

If you know someone who habitually speeds down Terry Road you can report them and be eligible for a reward of up to $500. For more information on the Terry Road action committee you can call (860) 559-4111